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The Young Master’s Bride Chapter 50

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50 He was holding her hand, She didn’t know why li beixiao said that he had found it., Ye qingge felt that she was the person he said he had found., “Bring her back to take a look. It’s almost time to get married!”, Li Ximing glanced at ye qingge. He liked her the more he looked at her., “Little uncle, you really found little aunt? Is she pretty?”, Li Nancheng was very surprised. Wasn’t little uncle with Feng Yan?, “It’s not bad, the same age as you!”, Li beixiao picked up a piece of rib, looked at it, and then put it in his mouth., Ye qingge bit her lip. She was the same age as li Nancheng., If her looks were passable, then it wasn’t her, right? Everyone said that she was good-looking!, “Then it’ll be awkward to call her little aunt!”, His little uncle was a few years older than him, but they had been calling each other since they were young., “It’s awkward to change the way you address me, just get used to it!”, There was a hidden meaning in his words., Ye qingge realized that she could not take another bite., “I don’t mind changing the red packet’s size!”, Now that little uncle had a wife, he wouldn’t miss his wife anymore!, He felt that little uncle’s eyes were filled with possessiveness when he looked at his wife!, Could he have seen it wrong?, “I’ve said it before, don’t refuse to change your mind when I give you a hundred million!”, Li beixiao’s lips curled up slightly as he said this in a lazy tone., “Wife, did you see that? little uncle is so generous, 100 million! Little uncle, when I change my mind, don’t go back on your word and refuse to pay. Grandpa will be my witness!”, How could the simple-minded li Nancheng know that he had been set up by his uncle?, Ye qingge’s face, which had been red from the topic of having children, was now slightly pale., Why did she feel that the person li beixiao was talking about was her?, This feeling was even more intense when her small hand on her leg was held by li beixiao’s broad hand., Her throat tightened. She wanted to pull her hand away, but she couldn’t., How could he do this in public?, Ye qingge looked resentfully at li beixiao, who was eating elegantly, and quickly looked away., She was afraid of being seen …, “Yes, I can be the witness!”, His grandson was too naïve., “Nancheng, it’s not like you’re short of money. There’s no need to make such an agreement with your uncle.”, Ye qingge felt uncomfortable that li beixiao was playing tricks on li Nancheng., In her heart, li beixiao was the devil, and Li Nancheng was the angel., “Hiss …” The man pinched her hand hard and ye qingge cried out in pain., “What’s wrong?” Li Nancheng immediately put down his chopsticks and asked., “I’m fine, I just bit my mouth!”, Ye qingge’s shoulders trembled. She was trying to control herself., be careful. You’re already so old. You can still bite when you’re eating., The more li Nancheng looked at ye qingge, the more he liked her. She was so cute!, Ye qingge’s words were diverted just like that., After dinner, ye qingge went back to her room after li Nancheng had settled down., In the room with no lights on, there was a red dot on the sofa, flickering …, The faint smell of tobacco lingered in the room., Ye qingge’s heart skipped a beat. She turned on the light and saw Feng Yan sitting on the sofa, looking at her., Ye qingge was frightened and quickly closed the door., “You’re crazy, how can you … In my room? Did you go the wrong way? Li beixiao’s room is across the street.”, Ye qingge thought that Feng Yan had come to li beixiao, but he had gone the wrong way., “Not picking up my call, and even turning off your phone …”, Playing with his phone, Feng Yan’s feminine voice made the night even colder., There was an unknown light in peach Blossom’s eyes., “Feng Yan, doesn’t this phone have GPS? I don’t need to answer your call, do I?”, Why did it not make sense to the two of them!, In fact, ye qingge had turned off her phone because she was afraid., Feng Yan must have misunderstood li beixiao’s actions in the car., “You let him touch you?”

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